November 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving with their families and relatives. Always be thankful for what you have!

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The picture of Mané at the exhibition

“It’s a strange feeling to see myself as a piece of art at the exhibition. But cool one too nevertheless!” Mane



la foto (1)

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Photo exhibition

A photo of Mané will be exhibited 9th of November at Art Café Mosca, situated just next to the monument of legendary Alexander Pushkin. It’s going to be the first exhibition of the talented Armine Sargisyan, who made this amazing photo masterpiece in collaboration with Mané. Also, one lucky visitor will have a chance to buy it, but nevertheless, the rest of the visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the photo and the charming atmosphere of the evening event. Also Mané will be there to perform couple of her self-written songs.

The venue – Art Café Mosca/ Date – 09th November, 8.30 pm /Dress code – evening gowns.

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New Logo

A new logo has been created for Mané due to an image change towards more classical and conservative one. The main feature of the logo will be a ribbon. The author of the logo is talented Nadezhda Biletskaya. If we will see the ribbon on Mané during the shows is not guaranteed, but no doubt, the ribbon will be represented in her stage outfits.


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Hello world!!!

We have launched a new web site! It was developed by young and extremely talented American company Their office is situated 10,000 miles away, but their developers were able to understand our goals very clearly and made them a reality very quickly. Thank you guys! And also, let me thank those who invented the Internet, and made this type of collaborations possible. Amen.

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